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Accounting Consultancy Services: 


An accounting consultant is an expert, a guide, and a navigator in the field of finance. The consultant does not take over any internal decision-making processes. Instead, the consultant is hired to make recommendations, and provide solutions to complex problems. Their aim is to help navigate through complex business decisions. These decisions are crucial for the growth of the company, and to increase the efficiency of its employees.


A consultant helps fill in the gap with their unique background and expertise in the field of accounting. Even the top management may have years of experience in the field, but little knowledge when it comes to accounting compliance. This is why the role of a skilled consultant is important. 


We offer the following services:

  1. Strategizing: Our accounting consultant will analyze the company's current strategy and assess its profitability in the long run. 

  2. Expert Assistance: Apart from contributing to vital business decisions, the consultant will help eliminate any inefficient methods. He or she will also help identify the right action to implement. 

  3. Planning: A plan that is realistic and achievable is formulated. The plan will be superior in nature.  

  4. Accounting Management System: The consultant will also suggest any changes they see fit in the existing accounting and financial system. 

  5. Achieve Business goals faster: An accounting consultant helps visualize the path to achieve a business goal effectively. 


Accounting Standardization: 

An accounting consultant does not have the authority to make changes to the company’s current practices. Instead, he or she suggests a course of action that can be followed. Although, the success of the suggested practices depends on their knowledge and expertise in the field. Imagine hiring a consultant who is new to the field, or lacks experience in the industry. It will be a waste of the organization's time and resources. In turn, it can either make the company reach new heights or pave way for it to stumble and fall.  


Hence, accounting for the credibility of the consultant is important. At Salahkaar, we have a highly skilled and talented team of individuals with expertise in accounting, auditing, and consulting. Our consultants offer dedicated and advanced services to help your businesses reach new heights. . Our accounting services are global, and we assure consulting services that will help your business attain success like never before. 


Have trouble with your bookkeeping practices? Unsure if your existing accounting practice is in accordance with the law? Reach out to us for a consultation, and together we can help your business grow. 

CFO services

Outsourcing the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is not unheard of in the 21st century. Hiring CFOs on a contract basis is best suited for startups. But are you wondering what services of theirs you should outsource? 


Aside from their knowledge in the field of finance, and business,these are some  of their other services: 


Why outsource a CFO?


When you outsource a CFO they can work part-time, virtually, or on an hourly basis. A CFO is an expert in the field of finance and has vast knowledge in strategic financial consulting. Usually, CFOs have experience working across different companies, and those of varied sizes. They may have experience from strategic planning to projecting the finances of the company. 

CFO Services startups should look out for: 


  • Projecting Finances: 

A startup will always need financial projections to understand its current and future growth. It helps attract investors and pave the way for future investments. To make realistic projections, working with a CFO is a must. 


A CFO will assess the company’s previous financial results and help predict what the future projection will be. From projecting expenses to formulating the budget, all the main areas will be taken care of by the CFO. The CFO’s role is not limited to just framing financial projections but also maintaining the existing plan. 


  • Creating alternate projections: 

Also known as scenario modeling, it includes formulating alternative projections for a crisis. For example, a pandemic can be one such scenario. Scenario modeling helps predict the financial repercussions including the revenue and costs. 


Although time-consuming, scenario planning can be thought of as a first-aid kit. One can reach out to it in case there is a new scenario that is bleeding the company's finances. 


  • Analyzing the Budget:

A CFO’s role also includes reviewing the company’s current budget and comparing it to the performance of the company. The chief financial officer will assess if the company is underperforming. Analyzing the budget helps calculate the difference between the company’s budget and actual growth. A CFO will help adjust the strategy accordingly. 


  • Unit Economics: 

The outsourced CFO will monitor the ratio of customer lifetime value to the customer acquisition cost. Thereby projecting ways to improve profitability. 

Assessing the unit economics will show how profitable the business is, as well as evaluate the future profitability.  


  • Role in a Start-up: 

As a start-up, it is essential to start things off on the right foot. By outsourcing a CFO with experience in your industry, you onboard an invaluable resource. Their knowledge and experience can help steer your business in the right direction, and fix any loopholes. 


It all comes down to hiring the right CFO. Someone who has limited experience may fall short of helping with the growth of your business and fail to provide hands-on support. 


  • Presentations: 

CFOs can represent the company when finances are on the agenda. This includes attending board meetings and interpreting the projections. As someone with experience, the financial jargon will be familiar territory for the CFO. They can better explain the plan in place, and present the budget, etc. 


  • Create a Better Impression: 

When it comes down to meeting investors, first impressions matter. It is important to always walk the talk. While outsourcing a CFO, they can help with preparing the reports needed for the meeting. The CFO can also confirm the accuracy of your predictions, and give you the confidence needed for meetings with the investors. Almost like a shark tank, but with a foolproof plan that guarantees investment. 


  • Strategizing: 

If you are new to the field of business or have some experience, there may be unexpected roadblocks along the way. A CFO with experience will help work on strategizing and advising the company on finances and the business side of things. From suggesting alternative business models to working on the budget, a CFO can help with it all. 


  • Negotiating with Customers: 

As an advisory, the CFO can advise business owners on contracts to ensure they can’t be challenged by the customers. Armed with years of experience, a CFO can make sure the contract is profitable and is in the best interest of the company, and without any ambiguity. 


  • Collaboration with the Legal Team: 

CFOs work in close collaboration with the organization’s legal team. When it comes down to finances, it is always best to ensure everything is in accordance with the law. A CFO brings a fresh perspective on the existing and future contracts. 


  •  Valuable HR overview:

The CFO can work with the HR team to see how the current budget aligns with the staffing needs. Advice from the CFO can range from framing compensation packages to recommendations on how to cut staffing costs. As the budget sets the tone for future hiring needs, good communication between the two parties is crucial. 


What not to outsource to a CFO?

After having read the services a CFO can offer, are you all set to hire a CFO for your organization? Hold on a minute. Here are some services that you shouldn’t outsource to a CFO:


  • Raising Funds:

Instead of making the CFOs the face of the company at investor meetings, the CEO should be at the forefront and represent the company. The organization’s vision cannot be accounted for by the CFO. It needs to be done by the existing founders. However, the CFO can help with fundraising by helping prepare the reports, and documents needed for the meeting. 


  • Accounting: 

Instead of outsourcing a CFO to handle basic accounting chores, it is advised to delegate these tasks to a bookkeeper. With the experience a CFO brings, giving them these menial tasks to handle can turn out to be a waste of money. Instead, the CFO can work alongside the accountants. 


By outsourcing to us at Management, we can help you with financial management along with providing dedicated CFO services.

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