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Want your business to thrive? But your HR department is overworked? With our services, we guarantee an improved strategic focus on business goals. While also ensuring employees are more engaged at work. 


What do we do at managementconsulting.online?


  1. Analyse Business Needs: To formulate a plan that helps your business grow, we first assess what the business needs are. 

  2. Provide Support: Our HR consulting services will provide a well-functioning HR department. 

  3. Solution-Oriented: At Salahkaar, our goal is to find solutions to your recruitment needs by leveraging our skills, and expertise in the field of HR consulting. 

  4. Hire the Best: We help hire the cream of the crop by shortlisting candidates, doing background checks, and much more. This in turn will give you more time as an entrepreneur to focus on your business. 


Our Mission:


We aspire to transform your hiring process. By providing support in several areas of management, which in turn will add more value to your business. 


Areas of Expertise:

  1. HR Consulting: Firstly, we assess the requirements of the clients. We then proceed to meet their hiring needs, by screening candidates. Shortlisting can also be done if required, and send the list across to the clients. 

  2. HR Goals: By outsourcing the HR activities to us, the existing HR team can take care of more pressing matters at hand. As we screen the candidates, the HR department can concentrate on interviewing them. 

  3. Sourcing: We will source candidates at no additional cost. Screening and shortlisting candidates are done daily. The hiring process will begin in advance. 

  4. Our Screening Process: We do background checks of potential candidates, and use assessments to ensure the best talent is hired. 

  5. Training: From distance learning programs to trainer-less training, we have a lot of experience in the field. When you hire us, we provide a training library with access to training videos worth more than 800 USD, which can be accessed anytime. 


To fulfill all your hiring needs, attract and retain the best talent, we can help you grow your business. 


Our Services: 

HR Consulting


Distance Learning

Testing and Assessment

Competency Mapping 

HRD Training for employees. 

What is Human Resource Outsourcing?

These days Human Resource Outsourcing is one of the most trending practices seen in the western world. Companies prefer outsourcing their HR services, as they find framing HR policies a challenge. Their knowledge of the HR domain is limited. They fail to take into consideration employee engagement, talent acquisition, training, and development, etc. To fill in this gap, companies prefer outsourcing HR services.


An employee needs to work in an environment that helps them thrive, and growth is constant. Management Consulting helps with just that. 

What are the services provided by HR Outsourcing Companies?


HR outsourcing companies generally perform the following function for their clients:

  • Payroll Outsourcing services

  • Temporary staffing

  • Counseling of employees

  • Health care benefits of staff and employees

  • Screening the background of candidates

  • Managing the performance appraisal system, and much more.


At a few organizations, the Human Resource department plays a vital role in value addition jobs. The internal HR department is not equipped with the knowledge to cater to these complex HR activities. Management Consulting. online helps an organization with payroll processing, tax filing, and recruitment. We are a one-stop solution for all your HR needs. 


There are multiple benefits of outsourcing HR services.


Our HR services are cost-effective and time-saving. For an HR department to run smoothly, prerequisites are well-trained staff, a positive environment, and good office space. Once the HR services are outsourced you can easily avoid these overhead costs. 


It is very difficult for the company to be up-to-date with the latest HR technologies and practices. At Management Consulting. online we have HR professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and laws. We help ensure that your organization is not falling behind in comparison to your competitors. When the services are outsourced, the company automatically gets the time to focus on its growth and other key business activities.


All the rules and regulations apply to the clients and employees in the company. Thereby, making it easy for us at management consulting. online to handle all the relevant paperwork.


Efficiency and Effectiveness are the key factors of HR outsourcing.


Why choose us for your HR outsourcing needs?


The most effective way of choosing an HR firm for outsourcing services is by looking at their experience in the field. ManagementConsulting.Online and its other brands have been in this business for more than 35 years. 


Our consultants chair international seminars, write articles for the most respected journals. Even the work, HRD was defined by our consultants in few markets. You can also opt for our HR consultants on an hourly basis to have a quick solution to your problems.



Why are HR Outsourcing Services Required?


Most of the small-scale companies and multinational companies, start-ups, or established brands at some point in time hire external firms for HR support services. Though the big companies have their internal Human Resource departments, they reach out to us to manage their HR effectively with transparency.


Our services include but are not limited to payroll processing, training, and recruitment. We manage these services for numerous companies. At management consulting. online we can enable the HR executives, and the entire business team to focus on the key operations. In turn, we help create a stable and cost-effective operating platform


New trends in HR Outsourcing services that are picking up in recent times are:

Payroll outsourcing across multiple countries.

Increased focus on recruitment analytics.

Switch to cloud-based HR solutions.

We can provide a cloud-based payroll outsourcing system that is accessible on mobile phones. These trends are catching up even with the small firms as well. 


Let us at management consulting.online do the heavy lifting and take care of all your HR needs. Connect with us today to outsource your HR services.