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Want your business to thrive? With our services, we guarantee an improved strategic focus on business goals. While also ensuring employees are more engaged at work. 


What do we do at wing of Salahkaar Consultants does?


  1. Analyse Business Needs: To formulate a plan that helps your business grow, we first assess what the business needs are. 

  2. Provide Support: Our HR consulting services will provide a recruitment, training, policy making services as per the need. 

  3. Solution-Oriented: At Salahkaar, our goal is to find solutions to your recruitment, training and strategic needs by leveraging our skills, and expertise in the field of HR consulting. 

  4. Hire the Best: We help hire the cream of the crop by careful shortlisting of candidates, doing background checks, and much more. This in turn will give you more time as an entrepreneur to focus on your business. 


Our Mission:


We aspire to transform your hiring, training, strategic HR processes. 

Some of the Areas of Expertise:

  1. HR Consulting: Under HR consulting, we provide advisory / consulting and strategic help for organization.

  2. HR Goals Managment Help: You can consider to outsourcing some of the HR activities to us, the existing HR team can take care of more pressing matters at hand.

  3. Sourcing: We will source candidates at reasonable cost. Screening and shortlisting candidates are done daily. The hiring process will stronger. 

  4. Our Screening Process: We do background checks of potential candidates and use psychometric testing and assessments to ensure the best talent is hired. 

  5. Training: From distance learning programs to trainer-less training, we have a lot of experience in the field. When you hire us, we provide a 100 plus training library with access to training videos worth more than 800 USD, which can be accessed anytime. 


To fulfill all your hiring needs, and to attract and retain the best talent, you can reach. We will do all handwork and you be focused to grow your business. 

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