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Sales Outsourcing: 


Are you struggling to close deals, find qualifying leads and see your sales grow? We have just the solution for you! We at Salahkaar can guarantee to help you reach your goals, and increase your revenue two-fold. 


Our sales services include building an effective team of sales professionals that have experience in the field. The sales team will be equipped with the right techniques and adaptability as your company grows, and the sales boom. 


What is our secret to a successful sales strategy?


  1. Leverage Data Science: With data science, we can help predict your ideal target audience. Does your product resonate better with young adults or older adults? Data science will give us the answers!

  2. Nurture sales professionals: Generate sales discussions and engage with prospective customers. 

  3. Increased Revenue: Are you wondering how? We help increase your revenue via a highly driven sales team. 

  4. Long-Lasting Bond with customers: We believe success should not be limited to simply achieving short-term goals. Our sales strategy helps build an everlasting bond with customers. 

What are the benefits of Data Science? 


  1. Accuracy: Science can never be falsified. Data will be valid, accurate, and accessible. 

  2. Predictions: With data science, we will help identify your ideal customers. 

  3. Digital Footprint: Data science helps give us an idea of the customers' digital footprint. 


Research suggests that solid data improves productivity and reduces loss in sales. 


How do we distinguish between leads? 


To engage prospective leads and generate more sales discussions, this is what we do: 


I. Targeted Data: We provide enriched data, with leads ready to be converted. 

2. Buyer Journey: Nurturing targeted leads with good content. 

3. Personalised outreach: Instead of following the one size- fits all approach, we believe in tailoring the sales approach for each customer. 


Customized sales programs result in more discussions, and increased sales opportunities according to research. 


Tackling the mammoth task of Acquiring Customers: 


  1. Coaching: Individualized approach that guarantees results. 

  2. Outreach: Relevant one-on-one outreach as and when needed. 

  3. New Techniques: As technology evolves, so does our methodology for sales processes. 


What about Account Management? 


Now that sales are growing, how does one keep a tab of the accounts? Here’s our approach: 

  1. On-demand Support: We provide on-demand rapid response teams. 

  2. Sales Engineers: People who have a deep understanding of the technical field. 

  3. Personalized Outreach: Our outreach program is scalable and ensures customer loyalty. 


Our Sales Process: 


  1. Contact us: We provide a free evaluation and recommend the right sales program for your business. 

  2. Select a Program: Once we sign the dotted line, our strategy is to customize the plan and help you achieve your goals. 

  3. Managing the Growth: With CRM reports and data analytics we provide daily visibility into the organization's growth. 


From B2B sales to niche product sales, Salahkaar has you covered with its team of experienced sales professionals. One call is all it takes to transform your sales strategy, reach out to us today! 

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