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A Detailed Checklist To Reduce Corona Related Incidences At Offices & Home

Good Evening! The HR team at the ManagementConsulting.Online has worked hard to prepared a checklist that we can use to help ourselves and the company reduce incidences of Corona illnesses at offices. Our HR at the site may ask the employees to follow the same at the workplace and also at their homes since we have tabs (pages in the online excel) where directions for home are also there in the checklist! Our stationed HR teams are already doing similar things but here we have added few precautions to follow. We intend to further distribute the list to all employees. This revised version is developed after spending time on the matter. You may send to your all friend and known circle as well.

Please find the list in various tabs of this file. English and Hindi translations are there to help employees of all level understand the document: I'm adding my previous file having India's leading doctors suggestions here We wish you good health and safe conditions in your surrounding. With our best wishes, Kind regards,


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