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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is exploding. Google earns $ 100 billion a year from advertising. Facebook generates 40 billion ads a year. It’s all in the basics. You can learn how to accelerate your organization’s growth via digital marketing using these steps, and suggestions below:

Set up your website:

It is the first step. Utilize apps such as Wix, or GoDaddy, and create a blog or a website. WordPress is the best option to create a website. If it's related to e-commerce, launch a Shopify site. The best way to learn marketing is to start your website. A well-designed website will

make your brand stand out, and apart from the crowd.

Survey all your competitors:

If your business idea is novel, and the first of its kind, set up the website as per your needs. Make sure it is comprehensive enough to include the industry and other basic contact details!

Visit UberSuggest. It is a website where you can enter the competitor’s website, and understand the keywords they are using to attract more traffic. You can also survey how the keywords you use are ranked on UberSuggest. It shows you how much traffic your competition gets for each area. The site also showcases the best pages that get traffic and the right keywords needed for the traffic to take a U-turn and come back to your website.

UberSuggest will give you a comprehensive report on the number of visits per page, social media shares, and the number of backlinks your competitor has. And all of this is free! Now you have a whole pool of data, leverage it. Visit those important pages and find out any keywords traffic, high volume power, high price per click, and low search hassle, because these are the easiest and most valuable traffic insights to dive into first.

Revisit your website under construction, and start laying down the foundation. Eventually, by utilizing all the data from UberSuggest, you will have the best version of your website ready in no time.

Promote the Content:

Now that you have a website up, and running it is time to promote it! Reach out to the websites that back your competitors as well. The list may be long, but valuable nonetheless. For example, if you have a blog related to exotic animals.

Mention you noticed your competitor links articles to them as well. Send out simple emails to all the people you deem necessary. Let’s imagine you have reached out to another wildlife blog that also backs your competitor. Having your backlink there will redirect every visitor of the wildlife blog back to your page. A backlink will not only increase traffic for the page but also bring in profits.

Have you heard of referral traffic? Referral traffic is a by-product of having backlinks. UberSuggest’s other interesting feature is that it shows you all the popular articles based on the number of times it has been shared on social media.

Hop on to Twitter, do a quick search by entering your competitor’s website. It redirects you to all the people who have shared their articles. Ping everyone and ask them, if they would be interested in reading more similar content. If they enjoy it, they will share your website’s URL!

Sending across those simple articles and emails or more messages will get you to lead your brand to have a more dedicated online presence. You did it with links, you now do it with emails, you're going to get more traffic and when you get more traffic, you will get more results.

But it does not stop here! The next thing you need to do is start collecting email IDs. It’s not just about getting people to your site, it’s about building a brand. You cannot build a brand without collecting email IDs. You can use tools like Hello Bar, Limit Sliders, and Pop-ups, which is a great way to collect more email addresses so you can start building a brand to get back to when people come to your site.

As Google's ex-CEO once said, Brands are the solution. He spoke about knowing which site to rank on Google and dealing with fake news. Because of this, you want to build a brand. They say that when you bring people back to your site seven times, you are more likely to build a brand.

All you have to do is install a tool-created tool called Subscribers. This affects the push notification visitors to your website will receive. Encourage readers to leave a comment below. Subscribers allow people to subscribe to your site with a single click! This plug-in will redirect users back to your site with browser notifications, which can have phenomenal results.

The last thing you need to do is start selling anything, whether it is a physical product or service. Selling free courses, or a pdf of your latest book, for example. You can go ahead and sell affiliate marketing products, and much more. Digital marketing is not just about driving traffic, you have to turn those visitors into customers. What are you waiting for? Exploit these tips, build your brand, and get started!

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